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 Lakecroft at the Dog Shows.......

Ch. Boradors Lakecroft Roy Rogers - Owner: Jan Eichensehr. Roy is always smiling!

Lakecrofts Happy Trials (Ch. Boradors Lakecroft Roy Rogers X BonaVentures Delilah) at 6 months. Roy Rogers Daughter 

Lakecrofts YIPPIE KI YA "Jessie"   Keepsakes Earl of BonaVenture X Lakecrofts Happy Trails (Roy Rogers granddaughter) 


Lakecrofts Darn It Sally "Belle".

Lakecrofts SugarBird "Bernice"

Lakecrofts Condensed Edition "Edy" (Roy's Mom)

Lakecrofts Like A Brother  "Sid"  

Lakecrofts Sugar Coated "Chloe"

Summertree's Winston  Of Hunt Club - July 2004

Lakecrofts Executive Decision "Simon" - 1997

Lakecrofts Thunder Struck "Styrker" - 1995

Ch. Boradors Lakecroft Wayfarer "Farlow" - 1994                         First Lakecroft Champion! He was truly my best friend & sadly missed.

Boradors Black Angus II - 1998                      Angus came to Lakecroft when he was 6 yrs old and loved "dog trips" to dog shows.