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 "Bo" Gaby puppy owned by Tim & Paige White

"Hoss" a Gaby puppy owned by the Pippy Family.

"Bo" A Gaby puppy owned by the White Family.

Coco (Gaby Puppy) owned by the Barnhardt family

Benjamin with his new puppy - Tiger (Gaby Puppy).

Baylee enjoying the Bizzard  - Owner Sue Frazier

Sierra - Owner Sue Frazier

"Spencer"  (2008) A Bernice puppy owned by the Hiltner Family.

CH. Boradors Lakecroft Roy Rogers  Xmas 2007  What a Clown!

"Crap, I thought they yelled son of a Beach! "  - Oh Roy!

Yep, its a Roy Daughter! She looks & acts just like her father. Sophie is owned by Glen & Lou Cataline. Xmas 2007

The Hackett Family, Xmas 2007. Earl you look so serious!

Lakecroft's Sugarbird. Well, Bernice always wanted to be a Princess. Thanks to the Wolf family, her dream came true! Happy New Year!

"Bella" Nov 2007. A Gaby puppy. Owned by Natalie Harper

CH Boradors Lakecroft Roy Rogers   (xmas 2006)

The Hackett Family with Nelson (Ch Zane Hills Sugar Cain X Boradors Borcadey) and Earl (Ch SandyLands Star Trend X Lakecrofts Sugarbird). Christmas 2006

 "Bella" owners Maria & Kal Jagjiwan. Christmas 2006

Bentley (KeepSakes Earl of BonaVenture X Lakecrofts Happy Trails) with his new family -  Bailey (Black Boradors Lakecroft Wayfarer X Boradors Dark Shadow) Owner: The Jones Family.    

Lakecrofts I'll Be Jan (Bea) 4 years old. Thanks Scott & Jenny Dufeu for giving Bea a wonderful new home.

Marty, also known as the "Yellow piece of Work" is now living with the Hanna Family. By the picture, I can't tell who has the biggest smile, Raisa or Marty.

"Mia" - 2006(A Gaby puppy) Owned by the Diehr family.

Sugar Rae is now living with  The Reeves Family.  Thanks John and Gina for giving Rae a good home.

Lakecrofts Darn It Sally "Belle" is now living with the McDaniels Family..

"Georgia" (2008) A Bernice Puppy owned by the Backstrom Family.